Do you have a family member or loved one in Prison in need of a Bible?
Contact us!

We provide Bibles to the Inmates of Texas, help us purchase Bibles
with your special donation! Hundreds of inmates have contacted
Midland Soup Kitchen pleading to further our Ministry behind bars,
and we accepted their request! From Huntsville Tx, to Colorado City
Marlin Tx, Houston Tx, Gatesville Tx, all throughout Texas dozens of
Bibles are being placed into their hands!

Our Prison Ministry began with our relative Reverend Bobby
Treviño accepting Jesus Christ as his personal Savior behind
bars, but it didn’t stop there. Bobby has become a fisher of men
for Christ winning countless amounts of Souls to The Kingdom
of God! He leads them to Christ and we come in to provide the
material for the inmates new walk! Starting in Huntsville Tx,
numerous inmates have asked us to provide Bibles to other loved
ones in different prisons, after that the domino affect occurred.
Inmates around Texas are asking Midland Soup Kitchen to provide
them with The Expositors Study Bible Crossfire Edition!

“Behind these bars, I’ve never felt so FREE”
-Reverend Bobby Treviño-

Inmates being provided Bibles in:
Huntsville Tx
Colorado City Tx
Marlin Tx
Houston Tx
Gatesville Tx
Dallas Tx
And many more to come!

Email us to get your loved one a Bible free of charge!